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If you get a chance and know it off the top of your head, could you add the cost of the Organic Chicken Thigh? Thanks so much again!! There has been a world wide shortage of real Vanilla beans, especially the Madagascar beans to make vanilla for at least 8 months. I remember back then waiting for 3 weeks before Costco got in one case, just one, and I was there at the right time to get my bottle.

The prices were gathered from a store near Olympia, Washington. The prices can vary a bit from store to store in the US but I do believe the prices vary more in Canada. I need two large hams for Thanksgiving dinner. Wlll costco have them on sale or for sale the prior week or weekend. Iml elderly and i swear this is my last hurrah at making these hams. Figured it out last night This is the 69th year. Mob to feed.

Costco Coupon Codes & Promo Codes

Thank you for your hard work. Hi Cathy — Thank you so much for your comment! It is a lot of work to keep up with the Costco price list but I know how much our readers use, and love it!

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Thank you for following my site! This is fantastic!

Thanks so much for your time and effort! I was wondering if you have considered sharing as a spreadsheet file instead of the pdf? Thank you so much for this!! This list was compiled about a year ago, have you noticed a change in prices since? If so, is an updated list in the works? That would be wonderful. I appreciate it so much. Im curious if you have noticed if the prices have increased since you made this list? I just found your blog and have been trying to decide if a membership is worth it. Disclaimer, my husband now works for Costco, but this relates to our pre-employment shopping.

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We did buy a few other things, but not big purchases or in large amounts. Most of the time if you just buy your gas at Costco, you will save more than it costs to purchase the gold star membership which is their basic one. I convert my credit card points into Walmart gift cards to use online but it is hard to figure out if something is cheaper there or at Costco.

I live in New York and your prices are pretty close to ours. God bless! Thanks, Manish!

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Interesting that our prices are so similar across the country! Do you have an editable format of this document that I can save ot my computer and make changes for local pricing?

[Costco] Join Costco and get a $20 online voucher with coupon code

This is seriously awesome. Thank you so much for putting this together for us!!! Please note that prices and product vary throughout the country so your list is a nice template and I know that it was a lot of work and very appreciated! Thank you so much for sharing. Just moved to an area with Costco… seriously considering membership. I shop CostCo regularly every weekend and these prices are just slightly cheaper than my local CostCo..

Costco Coupon Codes & Promo Codes

I think that was a normal price, not sale. Thank you so much for putting this list together!!! Prices were gathered from Washington state. I just got a Costco membership through Living Social. They only have some items with prices online. Thanks for providing this list.

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These prices were gathered at a Washington state Costco. Not sure how they would differ from Costco? Would be interesting to hear! Heather- You are being featured for this Costco price list on Moneysavingmom. Thanks Jessica! Love Money Saving Mom — she is so generous when featuring bloggers! Grateful for her! What a great resource! Thank you for taking the time to put this together. We just moved to the Pacific Northwest, and did our first Costco shop last night. This list will be really helpful. There are certainly things that are a better deal at Costco. Some of our favorites — yeast, feta cheese, bananas, wine, chips, almonds most nuts , and most seasonings.

Thanks for all the ways you help us!! I do not shop there currently, buy I often toss around the idea of getting a membership.

COSTCO March Coupon Book | March 13th – April 7th -

My Costco carries a lot of organic items — especially fruits and vegetables. You can always go and see what your Costco has without a membership if you have the time. They will issue you a day pass if you want to buy anything it has a surcharge if you purchase, but there is free looking! Caren — We actually go into the warehouse and manually write down all the prices. There definitely is no easy way to pull this together! Can you tell I love Costco??

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