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I am probably going to stick to 30, but all little free things, or the odd takeaway. Ideas for free things? Lol xx. Breakfast in bed. Treat to a drink in your local. Gaming day with unlimited sandwich making and beers my fella would choose this over a 'sookie' any day hahaha I must be bad - I cannot believe I just posted that on SG - oh well.

Romantic stroll. Cleaning token.

Valentines Gifts

I'll post anymore If I think of any xx. Spa Therapist Member Jan 9, You may want to add some small print on the back :lol: I gave my husband a valentines card last year that had some of these in, he takes great pleasure in producing them after an argument or when he's done something stupid! Mobile Manicure Banned Jan 9, I also think you've got too much in there. If I was given that many, I would stick them in a drawer and they'd never see the light of day.

Too much like hard work even thinking about them or reading them. A girl would love this.

Gifts for Couples

A man however, probably not so much. Less is more in this case. Don't forget, they don't think the same as us. I did it for my hubby when we'd been together for about a year and I think I limited it to 5. They were all dirty and I can't tell on SG. I bought a little monkey that had hands that clasped together and the monkey was holding the tokens.

Very cute and naughty. As there were only a few, they were quickly redeemed. At the end of the day, all a man really ever wants is sex or anything relating to it sookie. Gary, can you hear me??.

Valentine Gifts Online | Valentines Day Gift Ideas | Valentine's Day Gifts (वैलेंटाइन डे)

Active Member Jan 9, I agree with the above, stick to 5 with the theme of sex etc and food and you can't go wrong lol. Nikinkibabyx Active Member Jan 9, Hot Massage Stones. Any Message Personalised Padlock. Custom Special Date Keyring. Fifty Days of Play Adult Game. Chocolate Body Paint. Our Life Story. Grow Your Own Boobs. Personalised I Love You Candle.

Sex Coupons.

Penis Pasta. Scratch Map Deluxe Edition.

Kama Sutra Foreplay Cards. Personalised Heat Change Magic Mug. Candy Posing Pouch.

Romantic Collectables for Him

After Dinner Nipples. Perfect Match Chocolates. Personalised Men's Statement Leather Bracelet. Naughty Knot Body Bow.

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Candy Nipple Tassels. Personalised Dog Tag Necklace. Monogamy Game. Furry Black Handcuffs. Boob Mug. Chocolate Sweet Tree- Maltesers and Smarties.

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Personalised No. Personalised Photo Cube Keepsake Box. Willy Care Kit. Corkboard World Map. Five Mini Love Quote Cards. Inta-Mates Funny Underwear. You Complete Me Jigsaw. Diamond Shaped Whisky Glasses. By Robert Anthony. Just remember, no threesomes.

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If you were looking for the answer to a healthy, long-lasting relationship, we might've found it. They're called "dirty coupons. About Contact Newsletter Terms Privacy.