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Zinc takes that a step further and calculates the best discount, then applies it for you. Zinc is pretty new, so it doesn't work with every retailer out there just yet. Currently you'll see discounts on Amazon, Walmart, Macy's, and Target. When you go to check out, a big blue speech box pictured above will show you your savings for that order. While this isn't a huge amount of money, you don't have to do any work for it.

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You just pay through Zinc instead of the retailer and they take care of everything for you—even Prime shipping if you're a member with Amazon. You're probably wondering about security. Zinc uses Stripe to handle payments, which is the processor for a lot of sites like Reddit, Hipmunk, and Foursquare. Unlike some public transit systems with multiple sets of tracks on the same routes, BART doesn't have the duplication that would allow us to run trains on one set while performing maintenance on another.

Third-rail power has to be shut down for maintenance crews to be able to operate safely and do the work that keeps the system safe and reliable. And the trains can't run when the power is down. In , the BART Board of Directors directed staff to study shifting service hours on weekends so that Saturday and Sunday morning train service would begin later to allow Friday and Saturday night service to end later. This would preserve the maintenance window. But the survey found that customers who ride early in the morning are predominately minority and low-income and largely riding to work.

Shifting service hours would negatively impact these customers. BART was never intended to be a hour system. When cost projections were initially developed, the residents of the region who voted to approve BART supported a system that would have limited hours of operation. In its early days, BART was even closed on weekends.

Zmodo Cloud Service - 24/7 Recording Plan for Your Home Security

Greater need for an even longer maintenance window Reducing or eliminating the overnight maintenance windows would result in potentially catastrophic consequences, such as derailments. As our system ages, we are finding the current maintenance windows are rapidly becoming inadequate.

Troubling indicators include current track conditions requiring slow speed zones and reductions in traction power system resiliency, requiring reduced acceleration of trains. BART will try to schedule these extended outages, some of which will require bus bridges, during non-peak travel such as weekends and evening.

This type of scheduled service disruption reflects the approach taken by every other major U. Shortening the maintenance window by staying open later on the weekends or eliminating it all together to provide hour service would be at the expense of service reliability and safety. A: We understand no one wants to be packed in like sardines and there is great demand for train cars due to high ridership. But unfortunately, there are simply not enough train cars in our fleet.

That's why we've ordered new train cars. If all trains were 10 car trains, there would be fewer trains out in service. Wait times would be longer and platforms would get even more crowded. BART officials determine the length of trains by looking at the number of riders who enter and exit the system at particular times and locations. They use this data to match train lengths with demand while taking into account car availability.

We look at the data throughout the year and make adjustments to match demand trends. However, if we lengthen a train, it means shortening another train. There simply are not enough cars currently to make all trains a 10 car train while providing service at our current frequency. As the new trains continue to arrive, BART plans to run a mixed fleet. This will expand capacity and reduce overcrowding. A: We apologize for the confusion. Entering and exiting at the same location within a three hour window is seen by the fare gate software as an "excursion" and you will be charged the Excursion fare.

How It Works

The fare gate software does not take into account the length of time between entering and exiting. Rider Tip: If you need to exit a station without riding the train, please see the Station Agent first and do not go through the fare gate. Our busiest daily fee lots are filled as early as a. Staff updates these estimates several times a year to reflect seasonal ridership trends.

There currently is no money to purchase real estate for parking lots or multi-level garages. Many stations are located in densely populated areas and there is no room to grow. Learn more about Single Day permits. A: To avoid surcharges starting Jan. BART provides discounts for seniors age 65 and older as well as people with qualified disabled identification. Learn more about these discounts. San Francisco State University is the first program participant. Students use a school-specific Clipper card to get the BART discount, the cost of which is reimbursed to BART through transit fees paid by the student body or the school.

Learn more about the HEDP and how your school could participate. A: The only way to pay for daily parking is at the station. There are currently no options for paying remotely.

Images by samscouponclippingcenter

A: BART stops operating each night after the final trains leave their origin station, usually at or just prior to midnight -- the final trains will make all stops until they reach the end of their line and then go out of service. You can use our mobile site m.

Shorter-distance riders would unfairly bear the burden of the trips taken by daily, long-distance riders using a monthly pass. Under the current structure, everyone pays according to how far they travel. This provides customers a 6. Weekends, midday, and evenings have fewer passengers so we run less frequently with fewer trains. We don't have enough train cars to add more service during non-peak hours.

This demand-based strategy helps BART maintain our top priorities: safety and reliability. It gives us time to work on the trains and perform preventative maintenance and repairs.

GPS Failed

By matching the level of service to the level of demand we avoid unneeded wear and tear. This helps keep operations costs down for everyone. Even during the peak commute, we can't run trains any closer together than we already do because our current train control system doesn't allow for it. BART is looking at new train control systems, which coupled with our new fleet, would allow us to run more trains more frequently. A: We recognize temperatures can get uncomfortable on crowded trains.

If you find yourself on an unbearable car, you can try moving to another car. Climate control is separate in each car. Extreme weather and crowded train cars can become hot because of the outside air entering in at each station stop when the door opens. Body temperatures of passengers also increase the intensity. The trains were originally built to provide air flow for seated passengers, not crowded trains. This is why those standing have a more stuffy experience.

From time to time units may simply fail even though we are not experiencing any extremes. The good news is that our Fleet of the Future have modern HVAC systems and are designed to flow air from the ceiling, making for a much more comfortable ride for standees. Temperatures will also automatically adjust as the train travels through the various micro climates of the Bay Area. Keep in mind, the air handling units on-board the trains are not operated by Train Operators. They also cannot be adjusted by the train vehicle shops.

They are factory set and activate at certain intervals. The air supply is from units powered by electricity from the third rail and is either heated, vented, or cooled based on the temperature of the outside air. One-third of the air is pulled directly from outside ambient air. There is a limit on the heating and cooling capability when the outside temperature reaches such extremes. This results in an exchange of the "treated" air and outside air. Electronics are subject to damage when they become hot and the critical functions are propulsion and communications.

The blower will continue to deliver a "flow" or "vent" but there is no heating or cooling. Also, crowded conditions reduce room for air flow will work against the effective cooling within the vehicle. We have crews that work at all hours of the day to help keep things clean. Any mess encountered will be removed and surface sprayed with the appropriate cleaning agent. Stations are power-washed by scrub crews on a rotating basis when the system is shut down. BART has hired additional brightening crews to clean stairwells and entrances, on a rotating basis, of the stations that need it the most.

Download the comprehensive presentation that outlines the new steps BART is taking to improve station cleanliness. The presentation describes how BART is establishing a robust training system for station cleaners, instituting audits to ensure better results, and taking steps to make sure our workers have access to the most effective cleaning tools available. The presentation also outlines new staffing levels for each station designed to make sure our cleaning teams are making the greatest impact.

We do a top to bottom scrubbing and sanitization of our cars watch the video of exactly what we do.